ARTMO developers

You are familiar with Matlab? You like programming?

You want to share your RTM?

Why not develop your own ARTMO app and share with the community? 

We can provide assistance with developing your own apps. The source code will be given available to experienced Matlab/MySQL programmers that are willing to contribute to expand ARTMO. For instance, various parts could be improved. Please contact us. 

For R users and developers, PhD student Mattia Rossi had developed an R package (ARTMO_R) around ARTMO to ease the analysis of the models generated with ARTMO.  ARTMO_R and tutorials can be found here:


Ideas for apps:

  • Atmospheric RTMs: e.g. 6S, MODTRAN
  • New leaf/canopy RTMs: e.g., GeoSAIL, RPV, FRT
  • BRDF apps
  • Time series analyis apps
  • Sensitivity analysis apps
  • Unmixing apps
  • Classifier apps
  • Assimilation apps
  • Fluorescence apps