adapted from Jacquemoud et al., (2009) and PROSAIL site.


SAIL (Scattering by Arbitrary Inclined Leaves) is one of the earliest canopy reflectance models (Verhoef, 1984, 1985) to simulate the bidirectional reflectance factor of turbid medium plant canopies, by solving the scattering and absorption of four upward/downward radiative fluxes. SAIL actually provides all four-stream optical properties (nine in total) of the canopy layer at the output (Verhoef, 1985). 4SAIL is a numerically robust and speed-optimized version of the model (Verhoef et al., 2007).



Four-stream RT modeling concept as applied in SAIL models.

Verhoef et. al., (2007)

ARTMO's 4SAIL input window.


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