Global Sensitivity Analysis

Global sensitivity analysis (GSA) enables to gain insight into the functioning of radiative transfer models (RTMs) by identifying the key input variables that drive RTM spectral outputs such as reflectance, fluorescence or radiance. Non-influential variables can also be identified and safely set to arbitrary values under relatively wide ranges of conditions.  With the GSA toolbox, ARTMO’s RTMs can be analyzed intuitively on input-output relationships. The GSA toolbox calculates the relative importance of RTM input variables through first-order and total-order Sobol’ indices according to the method of Saltelli et al., (2010). The analysis can be employed along the spectral domain for any kind of optical sensor setting within the 400-2400 nm range. 

The GSA configuration module (v1.08).

Essentially, the GSA toolbox allows the user to:

  • Evaluate the majority of ARTMO’s RTMs on its driving input variables.
  • Evaluate multiple outputs within the same GSA exercise.
  • Evaluate multiple vegetation indices.
  • Visualize and export first order and total order Sobol’ sensitivity indices.