Automated Scene Generator Module

The ‘Automated Scene Generator Module’ (A‑SGM) has been developed within the framework of ESA’s “FLEX Bridge Study” with as main objective being to generate scenes for plant functional types and to generate a time series of each scene. The toolbox was designed to function as a benchmark of the official FLEX End‑to‑End simulator (FLEX‑E). It allows development and analysis of new functionalities independently of the FLEX‑E. The A‑SGM is a simplified version of the SGM from FLEX‑E, but with the benefit that it is an independent platform with flexibility to incorporate new utilities. For now only top-of-canopy (TOC) scenes are possible. 

ARTMO’s A-SGM toolbox v.1.12.

In short, the A‑SGM toolbox:

·       generates simulated scenes based on an RTM or an emulated model;

·       defines multiple land cover classes (e.g. plant functional types (PFTs)) and configures them with RTM/emulator input variables;

·       generates time series of the simulated scenes based on temporal patterns of the input variables;

·       stores and visualizes input & output maps and generates animations of temporal profiles, in both the spectral and spatial domains.