Graphics Module


The Graphics module allows to visualize the outputs of in ARTMO generated spectra.


Graphics main window to configure plottings of LUT spectra.


Various plotting options are possible with the Graphics module:

  • Complete LUT spectral output can be plotted at once within the same plotting window.
  • Subselections within a LUT can be intuitively made and plotted.
  • Output spectra can be plotted as a function of to two input parameters. A parameter can be assigned to either color hue or color saturation. When two different parameters are assigned, then both color properties visualize the effects these parameters exert on the output spectra.
  • The color table of each LUT spectra can be customized.
  • Multiple LUTs or subselections can be plotted within the same plotting window.
  • External spectra can be added to the same plotting window.
  • Various plotting editing options are provided, e.g. subselecting within X and Y dimension, export to bitmap or vector format, editing axes.
  • Export the visualized spectral data to a text file, including with an associated meta-file with all input configurations of the selected LUT.