1st International Workshop of the New Hard X-ray Mission observatory

nhxm noticia

The IPL brings to Valencia the first international workshop dedicated to the New Hard X-ray Mission observatory. The latest and hotest high energy astrophysics topics will be discussed in the context of the advances expected with the capabilities of this new internationl mission.

The New Hard X-ray Mission Observatory (NHXM) will provide a breakthrough on a number of hot astrophysical issues that include: black holes census, physics of accretion, particle acceleration mechanisms, effects of radiative transfer in highly magnetized plasmas and strong gravitational fields. NHXM combines for the first time broad-band (0.2-80 keV) and fine (15-20 arcsec) imaging capability with sensitive photoelectric imaging polarimetry and wide field monitoring.

Workshop web page: NHXM 1st Int. Conference.