Group of Astronomy and Space Sciences

The Grupo de Astronomía y Ciencias del Espacio (GACE) or Astronomy and Space Science Group is an astrophysics research  group integrated in the Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) of the University of  Valencia, Spain.

GACE was created, in 1990, as a split of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Department of the University of Valencia.  Its main topics of research are the development of High Energy Astrophysics instrumentation for spatial vehicles,  the study of X and Gamma emitter astronomic sources and the study of solar magnetism and solar irradiance  and solar-terrestrial relations, both from ground and spatial platforms.

Research topics at GACE are:

  • Study of X and Gamma emitters sources. Binary stars. Be type systems.
  • Stellar structure and evolution. Magnetic activities. Absolute parameters.
  • Solar physics. Solar irradiance. Photospheric magnetism. Solar-terrestrial relations
  • Earth atmosphere energetic events.

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