Abstracts by session

1.- Phenomenology of BeXRB transient outbursts in the X-ray domain

Peter KretschmarThe BeXRB outburst zoo
Biswajit PaulIntenisty and energy dependent profiles of transient HMXB pulsars
Ascension Camero-ArranzThe strange case of A 0535+262 and HD 245770: an X-ray/optical overview
Jose Joaquin RodesX-ray spectroscopy with Swift/XRT in BeXRBs
Elisa NespoliCorrelated spectral and aperiodic variability in 1A 1118-615
Biswajit PaulQuasi Periodic Oscillations in High Magnetic Field Accretion Powered Pulsars
Matthias KühnelGRO J1008-57: high precision timing and spectral evolution
Colleen Wilson-HodgeTwo decades in the live of EXO 2030+375
Silvia Martínez-NuñezIdentifying Be/X systems using INTEGRAL
Sebastian MüllerXTE J1946+274: The resurrection of a sleeping X-ray pulsar
Dmitry KlochkovFlaring activity and pulse-to-pulse variability of EXO 2030+375

2.- BeXRBs in external galaxies compared to the Milky Way population

Frank HaberlBeXRBs in external galaxies compared to the Milky Way population
Elizabeth BartlettThe Search for Be/X-ray Binaries in the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy
Altan BaykalAnalysis of RXTE PCA Observations of SMC X-1
Lee TownsendA first look at the orbital parameters of Be/X-ray binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Matthew SchurchQuasi Periodic Variations in Long Period Be X-ray Binaries
Vallia AntoniouTracing the young accreting binary population of the Magellanic Clouds using their star-formation history
Tony BirdOptical periods in SMC Be/X-ray binaries
Andry RajoelimananaLong-term properties of Be/X-ray binaries in the SMC.

3.- Observations in other wavebands and their implications

M. Virginia McSwainMultiwavelength Observations of Be/X-ray Binaries and their Implications
Pere BlayUV view of BeXRBs, WSO-UV and perspectives for the future
Yuuki MoritaniDrastic Spectroscopic Variability of the Be/X-ray Binary A0535+262/V725 Tau during and after the 2009 Giant Outburst
Jose M. TorrejonPhysical properties of Be stars in X-ray binaries
Mehtap Özbey ArabaciInvestigation Of The Photometric and Spectroscopic Variations In Be/X-Ray Binaries

4.- Be/X systems - routes into fundamental astrophysics

Ingo KreykenbohmTransient outbursts as laboratories of accretion physics
Isabel CaballeroA 0535+26: cyclotron line evolution during its recent 2011 giant outburst
Sebastian DraveSupergiant fast X-ray transients: a BeXRB conection?
Alexander LutovinovV0332+53 - the natural laboratory on the study of physical conditions and geometry of Be binary systems
Malcolm CoeNature or Nurture - neutron stars in Be/X-ray binaries
Sergey TsygankovPower spectra of transient X-ray pulsars: determination of the neutron stars magnetic field

5.- Be stars, Be disks & models in the context of explaining the BeXRB phenomenon

Atsuo OkazakiBe stars, Be disks & models in the context of explaining the BeXRB phenomenon
John Richard JonesAccretion delay in HMXRB's
Pablo ReigObservational evidence for the interaction between the neutron star and the equatorial disk in BeX
Timothy LindenA binary evolution approach to understanding the BeXRB phenomenon
Biswajit PaulOrbital Evolution and Apsidal Motion of HMXBs

6.- The high-energy gamma-ray connection

Josep M. ParedesBeXRBs as high-energy gamma-ray sources
Diego F. TorresBe X-ray binaries and their high and very high energy emission
Gustavo E. RomeroGamma-ray emission from Be X-ray binaries: theoretical aspects
Atsuo OkazakiModeling gamma-ray binaries with Be stars
Richard DuboisLSI +61 303 from the Fermi LAT Perspective
Robin CorbetHunting for New Gamma-ray Binaries
Mark H. FingerFermi/GBM Monitoring of Transient Accreting Pulsars
Marc RiboThe extended and variable radio structure of the gamma-ray binary PSR B1259-63/LS 2883
Aous AbdoDiscovery of high energy Gamma-Ray emission from the binary system PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 around periastron with FERMI

7.- Other topics.

Colleen Wilson-HodgeBe/X-ray Binary Science for Future X-ray Timing Missions