BeXRB 2011

With the aim of reaching an assessment on the status of the research in the field of the Be X-Ray Binary systems (BeXRB), a meeting was held in Valencia (Spain) on 11th-14th July 2011.

We gathered experts in the field (see picture below), to discuss about our actual knowledge of these systems, and to try to seek new insights from new points of view in data and modeling in order to explore directions for future research.

BeXRB 2011 participants at the cloister of the La Nau building (University of Valencia) by the statue of the illustrious Joan Lluis Vives. Higher resolution image can be downloaded HERE.

List of reviewed topics:

  • Phenomenology of BeXRB transient outbursts in the X-ray domain (normal vs giant, pre-flares, complex shaped outbursts, pulse profiles ...)
  • Observations in other wavebands and their implications
  • BeXRBs in external galaxies compared to the Milky Way population
  • The high-energy gamma-ray connection (LS I +61 303, HESS J0632+057 & PSR B1259-63)
  • Transient outbursts as laboratories of accretion physics
  • Be stars, Be disks & models in the context of explaining the BeXRB phenomenon

The conference was a success in promoting dialogue and discussions among participants. To be updated on what is going on in the field, visit our forum pages.

We are very grateful to the University of Valencia for all the support in the organitzation of this meeting. We are grateful, aswell, to all our sponsors.

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