Jul 20, 2011

First post-conference announcement

First post-conference announcement The conference picture is available for downloading at the conference website. A forum has also been made available to allow for discussions to go on.
Dear all, I think there is a general agreement on the success of the BeXRB 2011 conference. For the first time in a very long period different disciplines shared their work and findings on BeXRB systems all together. Discussions were fruitful and I personally enjoyed them as a kid with a new toy :) The conference picture is shown at the BeXRB 2011 website ( ) and can be downloaded following this link: The interest of all attendees in other fields of research was evident, that proofs our eagerness to understand these sources and improve our knowledge on them. At the same time, I'm very sure, it widened everyone view on the problems and success in BeXRB research. In this sense the idea of collaboration, sharing data/results, and finding ways to announce results and publications were a common topic in most of the discussions. Dialogue must go on. In that line, I have opened a forum at the website of the conference (which has also been adapted a bit to this new post-conference situation). It can be reached by following this link: To follow the posts it is not necessary to visit the website of the forum, you can subscribe to its associated RSS feed at: and you can be instantly aware of new posts. Replying or starting a new discussion must be done at the forum website, and logging in is needed. You can use the same user and password you obtained when registering to the conference. In case you did not register, you can do it in the following link: The forum is divided in 7 topics, one for each of the conference topic and an extra one intented to be use as an starting point to annouce campaigns, results, publications, or just general thoughts and ideas. Feel free to send comments/suggestions about the forum itself (or post them at the forum :) ). REMINDER: PLEASE, SEND ME A PDF VERSION OF THE TALK/POSTER YOU PRESENTED DURING THE CONFERENCE AND I'LL FIND THE WAY TO MAKE IT AVAILABLE ONLINE. (I also have to work a bit on allowing file uploads to the forums, that will come soon :))